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Why is Guerilla Marketing The Most Effective High Impact Strategy

First thing first, we must know what guerilla marketing is and why it is one of the best branding strategies. So it started in 1984— Jay Conrad Levinson invented guerilla marketing and then it signified a shift from the traditional media into a more digital & viral kinda marketing. It grew in popularity in the early 2000s up until now.

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising approach that applies the concept of guerrilla warfare the element of surprise, to communicate with target audiences. This form of marketing relies on unconventional and inventive displays to elicit wonder or shock and can be especially effective for driving publicity.

By doing guerilla marketing, companies could spread a campaign without spending too much on advertising. Cause sometimes advertisements could be a waste, sorry not sorry.

Here are some of the guerilla marketing examples out there, maybe you can take notes for a lil inspirations.

Frontline's Interactive Floor Ad

Source: Capital Wraps

Deadpool's Tinder Profile

Source: WIRED

AXE Perfume Stealth Ad

Source: The Big Ad

And many more… You name it.

Guerilla marketing uses unconventional tactics to delight and attract customers with unexpected ads or adding some twists in it. In this digital era, traditional marketing— such as print media, television commercials, billboards, and direct mail are just some alternatives and not that relevant anymore if we’re being honest. Instead, it focuses on disrupting public spaces or events with unusual and memorable images or activities that may lead audiences’ attention to the brand. So the thing is, guerrilla marketing mainly relies on human interaction in urban areas to create a big impact just by spending a small amount of budget; in hopes people would spread it by word of mouth and social media.

Social media in particular is the right digital marketing channel that can lend itself to be part of the guerrilla marketing tactics. Once a content gets the audience's attention, it can go viral in a matter of time, as social media users share or repost the content on multiple platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Eye-catching images or videos would be effective for guerrilla marketing content that can catch the audiences by surprise.

But despite all of the “benefits”, it's important to know that guerilla marketing also carries some risks, especially if not executed with the right steps and not being processed thoughtfully. It may lead to negative reactions or misunderstandings. Be considerate and make the plan carefully.

So if you have a fun and original idea for engaging or surprising potential customers, it’s not too late to execute it now.

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