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Who is Morel.

Morel Palupi is our virtual influencer, who just landed on earth from nowhere. As an alien, things on earth are new to her and therefore, sometimes she does things out of this world. We are still discovering where she was born. Or built.


Morel has a great liking for aesthetic things, which makes her wearing the cutest outfit at any time of day. Extremely enthusiastic to know about the earth, as well as we are with her. Morel's a true-blue friend, just like her hair.



Any brand in the world is competing for a variety of ways to engage with its target market or audiences. Episodic is our new service on gaming development and just as the world of gaming is ever-shifting, there is nothing wrong to implicate it in business to attract as many audiences and drive online traffic.

As we know, basic human instinct is an appeal to reward and motivation-related things and games offer those experiences all at once. Redwoods Digital brought Episodic to provide a broader option for clients who need it.


Fantasy Crypto League (FCL) is a play-to-earn NFT game based on English Premier League with 4.2 billion global audience and Fantasy Premier League with 8.9 million users and still growing. Make FCL one of the most promising and sustainable market in the metaverse.


Hi. Halla.
Halo. コニチワ.

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We are ready to help you and your business.

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