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Understanding the Nuances of Typeface Classification

In the design world, the typeface can affect the overall design because it can facilitate the delivery of messages and express feelings. Choosing a good type of font will make the audience interested in reading more.

Through its application, typography is widely applied in print and digital media. In this article, we will identify the types and functions of fonts. There are 5 types of fonts that we need to recognize, namely Serif, Slab-Serif, Sans-Serif, Script, and Decorative. Let's discuss them one by one.

1. Serif

A serif font is a type of font that has hooks, hooks, or shoes at each end. In the world of typography, this is often referred to as Counterstroke which serves to make it easier to read a sentence or text. Serif is the oldest type of font, usually used by brands that show the concept of royalty, elegance, and luxury.

2. Slab serif

Slab Serif fonts are fonts that have shoes, hooks, or hooks, which give the impression of typewriter writing. The slab serif is the sister of sans serif, and may also refer to this font as serif. This style appeared when the first typewriter appeared. This font is usually used for brands that want to look classic, vintage, and strong

3. Sans Serif

Sans serif fonts are the opposite of serif fonts. If a serif font has shoes, hooks, or hooks, a san serif font doesn't. This san serif font has a more assertive and modern nature than serif fonts. This font is commonly used by brands that bring a modern & visionary impression.

4. Script

Script or handwriting fonts are fonts that look more natural and elegant. One of the striking characteristics of this script or handwriting font is handwriting and calligraphy. This font has the characteristics of letters that are connected to each other, this type of font shows the beauty, vintage, and retro brand.

5. Decorative

Decorative fonts are also known as display fonts and ornamental fonts. Decorative fonts have irregular characteristics, are a bit difficult to read, and are not suitable when used as a body. This type of font is made with a special purpose, usually to display the identity of a brand because it has a unique and easily recognizable character.

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