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Peeking Up A Cup of Tee from A Cup of Noodle

The Nissin Cup Noodles is one of the many iconic brands of Japan. Recently, they surprised us with the new product, Nissin Caffeinated Gaming Cup Noodle— well, it’s not that surprising if we talk about ‘Japan’.

According to their news release, they wanted to meet the demand of the rising gamer population in Japan. For the time being, there will be two flavors, garlic black pepper yakisoba and curry— and both are caffeinated.

So, the caffeinated concept of this new variant mainly made for those late-night game sessions. They’re also sauced-based and soup-free so you don’t have to make your hands and surroundings dirty. They guarantee cleanliness and simple preparation for the gamers.

Brands or companies often find themselves stuck in the whirlwind of gimmicks and campaigns. Meanwhile from this case, we can learn that marketing is not merely about gimmicks. It’s way more important to meet the needs and wants of the chosen market. You have to know their habits, their demands, or even their wishes. So, it will always involve in-depth market research, analysis of consumer preferences, and an understanding of cultural, social, and economic trends.

In the end, creating a good product for a niche market requires careful planning, market research, and a deep understanding of your target audience. Develop a compelling unique selling point (USP) that differentiates your product from competitors. If we talk about F&B, there’s a lot of brands who compete with each other… Like a lot. And in this case, Nissin succeeded in finding their own niche market, which is the gamers.

So if you already found a niche audience, create a product, highlight what makes your product unique and why it’s the best solution for them.

It’s true that gimmicks might grab attention but it is momentarily. However, interest and trust is built on consistent, honest communication and delivering the needs of the consumer. Sustainable businesses are those that establish credibility through genuine marketing strategy, focusing on quality, reliability, and customers’ needs.

Find the right target, develop the market, and create something new based on what they ‘need’. It will not just make a great product, but also a great niche market.

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