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NewJeans Is Taking Over The New Genes

The newcomer girl group, NewJeans, is very popular even though it hasn't debuted for a year. It's already beaten the sunbae of BTS, who took about 8 years to become popular now.

Without further ado, let us spill the tea!

Original Brand Concepts

The songs are R&B inspired beats, the visuals are Y2K (2000s) aesthetic wrapped in Gen Z style. That's why children born in the 2000s to Gen Z can like it because they still relate to this concept. Name a K-pop group whose concept is the same as NewJeans. Is there or not? And that's the originality of the brand concept which is meant to attract lots of new fans, like you hehe.

Packaging (A major selling point)

Not a few people buy something because of the packaging. Especially now that there's more and more adorable packaging, like the album NewJeans! They released 2 versions: Blue Book and NewJeans' Bag. A unique design can provide an 'unboxing' experience for buyers. How many were recorded and guess what? Free marketing. In addition, fans can immediately spot your product among hundreds of other products in the store window.

Quality Production

The marriage of a solid concept and production will produce a solid work too. The music video to the NewJeans merch is made visually pleasing and very functional. The bag version of the album can actually be used as a bag!

Strong Online Presence

Social media platforms are valuable marketing tools. NewJeans is very active on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. On their TikTok, most of the content uploaded is eccentric, but they still follow what's trending. This tactic is done so that brands can retain relevance in their industry, in this case the entertainment industry, especially K-Pop.

Collaborating with brands is also the key to a great exposure. Upcoming collaboration between NewJeans and McDonald’s has been teased for months. It was launched first in South Korea on June 1, and Indonesia will be launched on July 12. Not only the packaging is made designated with NewJeans style, a lot of campaigns like original song and original NewJeans typical dance moves have been airing around the social media.

Are you excited?

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