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Do Memes Make The Internet A Better Place?

Memes serve many functional purposes, but in fundamental ways, memes represent people’s opinion and voices as well. Today, we’re gonna discuss how memes can be more than just entertainment — and how the internet affects people’s behavior, mood, or even perspective.

If you have your own gadget and frequently scroll through social media, then you’ve probably encountered them. Memes, that is. In our modern day and age, memes present themselves as a viral image or videos, and they can be political, satirical, and make news more relatable — especially for Millennials and identify their common feelings. Meme content can range from complaining to expressing during an encounter in daily life, something that everyone is able to sympathize with.

Their accessibility and ability to reach a huge audience within minutes means that memes can also be used as propaganda tools. The very process of propagating memes, sharing them on their social media platforms, and tagging their friends, has enhanced communication across the world. How many times have you seen a meme and thought “that’s so me”? We think that’s a bunch of times.

There’s no denying that memes have revolutionized the way we communicate with their relatedness and understanding across the world. Perhaps at the end of the day, there’s nothing more than a fun example of people using memes as a way of coping with all the tragedy that life can offer.

Source : nytimes

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