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Are Shopee and Tokopedia Really Targeting Different Gender Audiences?

Based on research results from the Snapcart survey institute in 2020, it shows that 77% of women in Indonesia prefer shopping at Shopee and only 52% of men. Meanwhile, 22% of male consumers prefer Tokopedia compared to 9% of female consumers. This data is taken from 1,000 respondents. So what's the reason?

Items for sale Shopee is superior in selling goods that are more tailored to the needs of women. In contrast to Tokopedia, which offers more electronic goods and automotive gadgets, which are more preferred and sought after by men.

Buyer Behaviour

In accordance with the behaviour of many women, who sometimes tend to be impulsive buyers when buying goods even though they are still frugal. Many sellers on Shopee offer prices that are competitive with their competitors. Meanwhile, Tokopedia is in accordance with the usual behaviour of men, who are more concerned with quality than price. Therefore, maybe some of the goods sold on Tokopedia are not as cheap as their competitors but have a quality that matches the price.

UI or User Interface

With its characteristic orange colour, the Shopee's look gives a feminine impression. Coupled with the live shopping feature that offers lots of promotions on the homepage interface to attract consumers. It's different from Tokopedia, which has a characteristic green colour, giving a unisex and minimalist impression compared to its competitors.The simple UI is also preferred by men, and even to get free shipping, Tokopedia does not provide complicated conditions.

Apart from that, these two e-commerce platforms already understand their respective market shares with their application designs that attract the market.

In conclusion, creating an application to attract the attention of consumers cannot be arbitrary, and research must be done first. UI and UX must also be considered because they will be very influential in attracting the attention and confidence of potential customers.

Don't forget, building a website or application for a brand must be done by experts, so it doesn't cost a lot.

Want to know further about audience targeting for your brand, contact us!

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