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Turn Your Monday Blues Into Sweet Monday

Do Mondays have to be that hard? Actually, no, not really. You can make your Monday’s motivated if you want to. Read this article to beat them!

Monday, the day where all the hectic life begins. Monday Blues are feelings of laziness and lack of motivation to get back to your normal routine after 2 enjoyable days on the weekend. The closest feeling of Monday Blues is a mixture of self-loathing, the urge to punch your boss, and thoughts of screaming at your own life. Let us first ask this: how do you feel when you sleep on Sunday nights? Do you have a stomach ache and anxious knowing that you will be up for 5 working days? Knowing that having a few hours before the week started can be a nightmare for some people with ‘Monday Blues’.

Chill. No deaths from Monday Blues have been reported, yet.

Monday Blues is actually an interesting phenomenon. Even if you experience it, you don't try to find a cure. You take it like diabetes. It's not a feeling you like, but you know you're not going to cure nor will it kill you. But that's not true. You can cure and kick the Monday blues if you want. Here are legit ways to turn your Monday Blues into ‘Sweet Monday’!

1. Rethink your job

You do not hate Mondays as such. You fear going back to the same old void of life. Do you really want to grind through 3 or more decades of your adult life working on something you don’t love? That’s a heck lot of time for our limited life span.

2. Identify the problem

Even if you believe you hate your job, the actual reason might lie in one aspect of work. You may not hate your job as a whole but only certain elements of it. But because you hate a few areas, you start disliking your job itself.

3. Do something you love everyday

Mondays will no longer be dreadful. You will look forward to making a little progress towards making your dream come true. When you begin the difference will seem minuscule, but over time, you will enjoy watching your efforts taking shape. Working on what makes you happy is the best way to turn your Monday Blues into Sweet Monday.

You can change your next Monday and make it better if you choose to. Now, you have two choices: you can choose to be lazy and unmotivated or you can start turning your Monday Blues into Sweet Monday!

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