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Importance of UX in Today’s Digital World

Have you ever used an app but shortly deleted it from your phone? Is it because the app is slow or are the features confusing you? Maybe the cause is the User Experience (UX) of the application isn’t as good as it should be.

User Experience (UX) is a user’s response when interacting with digital devices through an application or website. If you’re an app developer or UX designer, UX is useful to ease your product development. It will show you which parts of your product need to be developed. That way, you will save time during the manufacturing process and save time for the deadline. In terms of viewing comfort, user impressions, easy and fast access, are things that need to be considered in the manufacture of a product. And of course, the product must be able to help users to solve their problems indirectly. So, why is UX so important in today’s digital world? Let’s check it out!

1. Discover user needs

UX designers must ensure that users are not confused by the usability of products such as websites, applications, or software they are accessing. You have to know what users need and want. The data needed can be obtained in various ways, including surveys, recent research data, interviews, testing, and so on.

2. Identify the functions of the product

You need to do research to find your reference in product design. Starting from its appearance to its features. When your product is used by its users, your product can automatically be used to its full potential. Without this UX research, users of your product will have a hard time guessing how it works. It would certainly be difficult for them, right?

3. Simplify user activities in using products

Understanding user needs well can help you get the key to the success of a product. By paying attention to the UX, you can create products that can help user activities, such as helping to manage users’ busy daily schedules or increasing user productivity.

Products designed with UX in mind will allow users to get new experiences when exploring these digital products. Creating a product is not only about adding features, but also about how to make those features work according to the functions desired by the user. By focusing on user needs and wants, you can make useful, easy-to-use, efficient, and fun products!

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