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Advergames: Game Changing Marketing Tool

Games have captured the attention and maintained engagement since 50 years ago when they were first invented. As the world evolves, games go along with it. Not only the game itself, gaming devices are also mutated - you can now play video games on your smartphone, console, computer, VR, and many more. The gaming trend is so powerful and it has a huge impact on consumers.

Few years ago, the Chipotle international restaurant chain achieved huge success by launching a game for promotion. There is a new term called “advergames”- video games that are created to advertise.

This new marketing tool is still largely unexplored even though games as apps have sustained growth. These are the advantages of creating games for marketing purposes:

1. Extremely High Engagement

Marketing metrics mainly depend on engagement as it allows us to see how far users are involved with your brand. Static advertising, video advertising needs a lot of things to hold audiences to stay for at least 1 minute. Meanwhile, interactive marketing tools like games can hold them between 3-10 minutes, meaning more time attached to your brand.

2. High-Quality Content

Content is the most important component of digital media and the most valuable thing for users. Textual or eye-pleasing audiovisual is something you do, almost every day. Games are considered as high-quality and highly valued content by users, particularly if the audiences are more technologically oriented.

3. Interactive Brand Storytelling

How to engage more people in your brand? Storytelling is the answer. A story is like a vessel, that is why people will get along with a story more than anything else. Game is one of the best storytellers there is. Not only users as passive participants, but also they can be part of the story. This allows the users directly engaged with your brand, how smart.

4. Loyalty Through Entertainment

Don’t ignore the fun-factor, thanks to it, you can turn curiosity into loyalty. People are curious at first but then they become customers, and sooner or later they become fans. Games naturally have that super fun power, they can create a community, just imagine what it can do to your brand.

These advantages only apply if you create a very, really good game, you have to be innovative and creative at the same time. Luckily, Redwoods Digital is up for that challenge. Episodic is one of our services to make games as a business promotion tool. Contact us for more information.

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